NSK NPA-SU03 Turbine

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Title: Ceramic Bearings - 9 Month Warranty
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NSK, PanaAir, Century Dental, Mountain Medico (NSM-NVA-S03), HealthCo, All Air King, Lynx #050117, Johnson-Promident(400K), MasterSchein, True-Speed, HPP American, Athena, Champion, Medidental S Available in 2 Levels of Quality.

Standard size head diameter 8.2mm by 10.4mm length of Canister turbine with super gripping autochuck pushbutton system. Radial bearing design.  Assembled in USA.

  • Long Life Series: Warranteed for 4 months.
  • Extendend Life Series: Fitted with Full CERAMIC Balls, warranteed for 9 months.
Also Fits These Models:
AIR JET H4                                JOHNSON-PROMIDENT CHALLENGER
AMERICAN II                             NAMINEX H4
AIR-KING H4                             NAKAMURA DENTAL TCP-450M/B
ATHENA AC 4000L                     NSK PANA-AIR
BECKER-PARKIN                        PATTERSON
DDS ENDURA                            SAFECO DELUXE 4
DENTEX M1-S                           SUPER-TRAC                    
DYNAMIC                                 TRUE SPEED 2/ A/ ELITE

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