NSK Z95L 3 Piece Gear Set

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DentalPartsHausSKU: NB15+OBH4+OBF6

Style: Newer Style Cartridge - 9 Month Warranty
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3 Piece Gear set for a complete overhaul on an NSK Z95L Electric handpiece.  6 Month Warranty on all components in this set.  This gear set includes the Following:

Headgear Cartridge (P/N: NB15-Z95N)  *Note* the cartridge in this set is our "newer style" cartridge that uses a 4mm x 7mm x 2mm bearing in the rear

Intermediate Gear (P/N: MG95Z-OBH4)

Drive Gear Assembly (P/N: DG95z-OBF6)  

we sell this 3 piece gear set at a slight price discount compared to each of the parts individually, it is always recommended to change all 3 pieces together for a complete overhaul of your handpiece

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