NSK Z95 and X95 Intermediate Shaft Wrench

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Wrench specifically designed for Removing the driveshaft / intermediate shaft on the NSK X95 and Z95 handpiece.  Removing the intermediate shaft is necessary for replacing the head cartridge and this wrench makes it a breeze -  Available exclusively from DentalPartsHaus

Slim Fit - This wrench has an open-end style slim fit, ensuring you only contact the flat spots of your driveshaft which wil  eliminate the possibility for scratching/damaging your driveshaft during repairs.  

Leverage - This wrench is approximately 5 inches long, providing great leverage to loosen stubborn driveshafts.  On New Handpieces that have yet to be serviced, there is often a factory lock tight applied.  This can be extremely difficult to overcome with a pair of pliers/vice grips, but this wrench will get the job done with ease 

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