NSK Ti-Max Z95L Cartridge (Upgraded version)

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Material: Ceramic Bearings - 9 Month Warranty
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New and Improved:  This Cartridge has been updated in several Key ways to Improve Performance and Durability.  With a new Chuck, Head bearings, and Hardened Gear Coating we stand behind our product with a 9 month Warranty.   Chuck Mechanism: New Chuck mechanism with a Wedge design allows for stronger initial gripping force - up to 5.5kg initial grip strength.  Bearings:  New High speed Ceramic Bearings in an 8 ball configuration are rated for a higher max RPM of 250,000 RPM.  Gear Coating:  Now featuring a Hardened Gear coating on the headgear to reduce friction and heat buildup while in use.  By Reducing friction and head buildup, this Coating  greatly increase the longevity of the cartridge   *NOTE*  This Cartridge uses a 4mm x 7mm x 2mm size rear bearing. We also have "Newer Style" Z95 back caps that are compatible for this cartridge - SKU: NB16-C95ZN

Application: NSK Ti-Max Z95L Contra Angle Attachment Gear Ratio, 1:5 increasing. for FG Burs (1.6mm) Water Spray, Quattro Spray. Stainless body material.

High Quality Headgear is assembled with Ceramic bearing set and guarranteed to meet or exceed ISO specifications. Each headgear is Warrantied for 9 months. Available additional Exterior and water/air line o-rings for sale below.

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