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KAVO MultiFlex Coupler Illumination Bulb - NEW LED Type. Used with Kavo Handpiece 196, Kavo Handpiece 200, Kavo Handpiece 700, Kavo Handpiece 701, Kavo Handpiece 702 TLC, Kavo Handpiece Lux Control Module, Kavo LCM Illuminator, Kavo Lux Coupler, Kavo Multiflex Coupler 457, Kavo Multiflex Lux Coupler 1390, Kavo Multiflex Lux Coupler 460 LE, Kavo Multiflex Lux Coupler 465 LRN.

European made High Output handpiece replacement LED lamp outshines the competition! Brighter output than the original brand with higher spot intensity. Longer life and performance reliability than Xenon lamps. Sold individually.

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