CareFree Bearing (3.175mm x 6.35mm x 2.38mm)

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Size: Ceramic Integral Shield
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Integral Shield Low Maintenance Free Smooth/Straight Bearing Sealed to keep Debris Out and Lube In.


  • Quiet Air[Rear], Tradition[Rear] and 8000[Front and Rear]
  • NSK T-Max X500/X600/X700 Applications
  • W&H Mini (Older Styles)

Smooth/straight bearing for maximum debris protection. CareFree™ design with less than .003" (.08mm) clearance between raceway and rolling elements keeps this bearing cleaner and free revving by sealing out debris. Vacuum Packed with Klübergres Grease. Bearing dimensions are .125" x .250" x .093" and in metric 3.175mm x 6.35mm x 2.38mm. Radial 7-ball design for with maximum retainer material between ball pockets for extended life. Phenolic EuroBearing™ ball retainer.

NOTE: Will not work with Midwest flange type spindles as outer race interferes with flange. Purchase special .002" spacer to alleviate this problem. 

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