NSK Canister Conversion Bearing Kit

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Convert NSK type NPA-S03 and NPA-SU03 closed canisters to open style turbine cartridge. Application: Open Style Bearing with Center O-Ring groove for converting your canister type handpiece to use without the can. These bearings and rings assemble onto the original spindle and impeller and insert directly into the handpiece without the canister capsule. The o-rings are center mounted in each bearing and replicate the diameter of the canister and "float" the turbine for quiet vibration free operation. Take-up washer rings go front and rear with additional wave washer if needed. Other Canisters this Kit will work with: AIR JET H4 AMERICAN II AIR-KING H4 ATHENA AC 4000L BECKER-PARKIN DDS ENDURA DENTEX M1-S DYNAMIC HENRY SCHEIN MASTER HTKC-300-1 HY TORQ JOHNSON-PROMIDENT (Not all handpieces) JOHNSON-PROMIDENT CHALLENGER NAMINEX H4 NSK PANA-AIR SAFECO DELUXE 4 SCHIEN MASTER SUPER-TRAC TRUE SPEED 2 TRUE SPEED A TRUE SPEED ELITE

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