4mm X 7mm X 2mm Head Bearing (Bronze Shield)

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Size: Extreme Duty Bronze Shield
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Medium Speed Head Bearing for Kavo, W&H, Siemens, Sirona, Bien Air, NSK and Star Pushbutton Head Attachments. Same as 9A0144-700.


High Quality Bosch head bearing for most W&H (956 and Synea), Kavo Contra-angle LHA attachment heads and SciCan Statis 1.5L. Also used in contra-angles by MK Dent, Siemens, Sirona, Bien Air Red and Blue Bands and Pushbutton Latch or FG Star Head. Phenolic retainer last longer than metal ribbon or crown retainers. 11 ball design is the maximum ball count we can pack in this bearing. More balls mean it can handle heavy axial and radial loads. This is especially important for electric handpieces where heavy cuts are made regularly. Extreme duty version now available with bronze shield and polyamide resin retainer. Stainless steel 

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