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Star CareFree LubeFree 10% off

Mfgr's Price: $18.00
Manager's Special: $9.63
Star 430 CareFree Maintenance Free
on sale
LUBE-FREE - These bearings are packed with Klubergres Hi-Speed Lubricant for long lasting performance. NOW AT 10% OFF FALL SPECIAL

CareFree™ - Our best selling maintenance free and lube free bearing for the Star 430SWL and 430K and 431 Endura series handpiece. This angular contact design is machined into the inner and outer raceway. This allows better air flow through and around the ball compliment thus eliminating the "pressure pocket". This innovative design requires less air pressure to reach top speeds. Integral one piece shield design keeps out composite dust and debris with less than .003" clearance between the races and rolling elements makes them quieter than separately shielded bearings. 8-ball compliment to withstand heavy radial loads.  The face is designed to operate without the dust shield installed if desired (purchased here).

Star cross-section

Additional Information

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Consider These Items When Purchasing This Product

Back Cap O-Ring
Star Back Cap O-Ring
Mfgr's Price: $0.79
Today's Cost: $0.44
Star Back Cap O-Ring
Star Thin Washer
Star Turbine Thin Washer
Mfgr's Price: $0.49
Today's Cost: $0.32
Star Turbine Thin Washer
Star Thick Washer
Star Turbine Thick Washer
Mfgr's Price: $0.49
Today's Cost: $0.32
Star Turbine Thick Washer
Star Wavy Washer
Star Turbine Wavy Washer
Mfgr's Price: $0.69
Today's Cost: $0.40
Star Turbine Wavy Washer
Star Retainer Clip
Star Turbine Retainer Clip
Mfgr's Price: $0.69
Today's Cost: $0.44
Star Turbine Retainer Clip
Washer Clip Set
Star Clip Washer Set
Mfgr's Price: $4.65
Today's Cost: $2.80
Star Clip Washer Set
Air Dam
Star 430/431 Slinger Air Dam
Mfgr's Price: $12.00
Today's Cost: $3.25
Star 430/431 Slinger Air Dam

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(32 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
tom B (Skokie, IL) 10/10/2018 1:40 PM
Problems with certain doctors went away when I started using these.
Steve A (Bay Area) 9/4/2018 7:25 AM
All my problem customers went away ever since I started using these. Star handpieces are always more trouble than any other brand. These bearing are my goto whenever I replace bearings. Thanks DPH ...
Steve (Houston TX) 12/28/2017 8:42 AM
For less than $10 you can't find a longer lasting Star bearing. For the additional 20 cents, go with ceramic. I easily get another 4 to 5 months with the ceramic. Many of my customers are getting a year with these bearings and if you re-pack with the DENTALPARTSHAUS high speed green lube they will go another 6 months. Highly recommend these bearing!!
Who in their right mind rated these any less than 5 Stars????
Israel Esquivel (Mission, TX) 7/2/2017 6:41 PM
That's right...I said it! Who the heck in their right mind rated these Star bearings any less than 5 Stars...Now...either they don't know how to install them correctly or they are not communicating with their office on how to maintain their handpieces accordingly. These Star Lube free bearings from Dentalparts Haus are the best out there. I've literally tried just about every brand and have found these to be the best...especially when dealing with offices that do not maintain proper lubrication practices with their equipment.
Much Better
Richard (Chicago) 4/4/2017 11:50 AM
These are definitely improved, I can hear the difference. The ceramics are the way to go on these lube free stars
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