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Dental Bearing Options - Available with Torlon or Phenolic Retainers

  Long Life Series  

440 CVM Stainless Steel Bearing Balls

High Speed Dental Bearings are rated at ABEC 7 (P6) or better. Designed for dental handpiece use in repair and replacement applications, Torlon® retainers and Phenolic retainers are produced in a 7-ball or 8-ball compliment  design and vacuum packed with Klüberspeed BF 72-22. Angular Contact bearings use a full retainer design standard enclosing the balls completely. Ball roundness at Grade 3 or Grade 5. Rockwell Hardness: 55~57. Bright in color. Available in all bearing styles. Balls made in Kadoma, Japan by AKS (a subsidiary of NSK).

440 N-DUR Stainless Steel Inner and Outer Races

Extreme corrosive resistant 440N-DUR was developed by Timken® Industries for the medical and dental fields. It offers improved carbide size and is a thoroughly through-hardened martensitic stainless steel ( > 60 HTC).  It's high hardness and structure give it a superior pitting potential and corrosion resistance much better than that of a standard 440C. Bright in Color. Raceway rings are matched to balls prior to assembly.


  Ceramic and CareFree™ Extra-Life Series   

Ceramic Si3N4 

Ceramic dental bearings offer the highest performance and greatest return for your investment. Benefits include: Higher speeds that increase torque. Lighter ceramic can effectively restrain the centrifugal forces and increase output to 500,000 rpms. Ceramic has a higher hardness than steel meaning a more rigid structure allowing the ball to be ground to higher precision. A Longer life, due to the lower friction coefficient of ceramic, the need for constant lubrication is reduced. Ball skid on start-up and slow down is virtually eliminated protecting the raceway in the inner and outer rings. We use the superior full Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) vs. Zirconia to insure operation at higher temperatures. Used extensively throughout Japan and Europe and now available in North America. Balls produced in Canada or Japan, light grey in colour.

CareFree™ Ceramic Integral Shield

The newest technology available from Europe is full ceramic integral shields.  A full metal case encloses the rolling elements and ball retainer. and well suited for operating in low lube and no lube environments. All CareFree™ bearings bearing are supplied with Phenolic LE retainers vacuum packed with Klüberspeed BF 72-22 Grease. An excellent choice for extreme operating environments without regular lubrication. Rockwell Hardness: 65~70. Light grey coloured balls. Available in most models. Grade 3 Balls made in Juliar, CT USA.


  Barden™ SuperLife Series   

Genuine ABEC 9 Precision
Available in Si3N4 Ceramic

For over 25 years the Barden Corporation has been developing and producing precision bearings for ultra high speed dental handpiece applications for both the OEM and replacement markets. UK made Barden™ Precision Bearings offers the smooth as glass feeling for the truest running performance. Hand matched rings and balls assure the highest quality control. All Barden dental bearings have super honed finished raceways with strict controls of roundness, harmonic amplitudes and lobing patterns. All assembly, test and packing operations are carried out in clean room conditions.



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