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Size: Thickness at .030", Viton® Duro 70
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Star 430 and 431 K/SW/SWL Series High Speed Handpieces. Choose from 3 other variations of size, hardness and color Improved:   Star Vista 430K 430SWL 431, Endura and Solara. New and improved. Cannot shrink! Special compound of Viton® (O.E.M.) or Flourosilicone has excellent wear properties suitable for the non-lubricant environment. Size:  .030"  [,81mm] cross-section, .236" ID [6mm] 

Selection Criteria: 

Viton® 70 Duro:   For all typical repairs and replacement.

Flourosilicone 60 Duro:  When you need an extra soft and supple ring for to absorb high noise situations.

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